When you want a quality paint job done without hassles, turn to Colossus Painting – a top-of-the-line service business with the best-in-class painting contractors in San Diego.

The Top Reasons Our Customers Choose Us Include:

  1. Detailed Bids – To eliminate surprises after starting projects, Colossus Painting pays an onsite visit to prospective customers’ homes. This way, we can easily do a detailed walkthrough of what needs to be done, and in the end, provide an accurate quote.
  2. No Skimping the Details – Though we try our best to provide an accurate quote, in some cases, we need to scratch below the surface to determine what’s going on. In the event that we sand, and find troubling issues that need to be addressed, we do not cover these up or brush it under the rug. Colossus Painting is keen on informing our clients of any home repairs that need to be resolved while painting. Our painting contractors in San Diego occasionally do small home repairs. If we can’t, we’ll refer you to a qualified professional.
  3. Thorough Prep Work – Colossus Painting treats your home like ours. This means we pay very careful attention to prepping the building for a paint job. We also use high-quality tapes to mask different areas of the home – to achieve meticulous results in the end.
  4. Communication is Key – Throughout the lifecycle of the project, our painting contractors in San Diego ensure we keep the lines of communication open. We are available for any questions regarding the project by phone or email. Colossus Painting makes every effort to respond to all customer inquiries in a timely manner.
  5. Quick Turnarounds – The timeframe for completion varies from one home to another, and depends on the size of the property and the services requested. However, Colossus Painting is always upfront about offering a practical project timeline.

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