Looking to meet green building specifications?

We offer responsible options that meet the most stringent requirements without sacrificing durability.

Green initiatives are becoming second nature for governments, corporations and property owners. You may have had clients ask for environmentally-friendly solutions, or perhaps green is one of your options.

You’ll need coatings that meet environmental requirements without compromising performance, aesthetics or productivity. High quality paints means fewer coats are required and the need for frequent repaint is eliminated, significantly reducing waste and harmful emissions.

From a painter’s point of view, “green” means coatings that impact one or more of the following areas:


  • Indoor air quality: By using low-odor, zero VOC products you can do your part to help your customers improve their air quality and minimize interruptions during re-paints.
  • Thermal comfort: By using radiant barrier coatings — applied to the underside of attic decking to improve energy efficiency — you increase your customers’ comfort level while helping them save on energy costs.
  • Durability: By using higher quality coatings products, you paint less often, reducing waste and emissions.

Meeting the Toughest VOC Regulations

Coatings that are compliant with even the most stringent VOC limits. A wide selection of our products already meet new guidelines for industrial and architectural applications, and we offer a variety of products that meet GS-11standards and qualify for LEED certified projects.