When a relationship ends and both parties decide to go their separate ways, it can be challenging to move on, especially when a home was shared.

If you’ve found yourself in a pickle following a breakup and you want to lift your mood, consider pouring your heart into getting a total makeover – at home and in-person.

Declutter and Purge Your Home of Painful Reminders about Your Ex

Colossus Painting are professional painters in San Diego who are happy to help you start over.

That paint color you picked out together doesn’t have to be a permanent reminder of the memories you shared.

A fresh new coat of paint can lighten the mood, lift your spirits, and provide an opportunity to get more organized at home.

Some other helpful tips for moving on after a breakup, per life coaches, include:

  • Decluttering – Hanging on to items your ex left behind merely prolongs the recovery process, says psychologists and passion coaches like Cheryl Fraser. Spring clean cupboards, closets, and any other nooks where souvenirs of a past fling may be lurking around.
  • Getting a Makeover – One of the hallmarks of bad breakups is getting a makeover. Not only is this move a major confidence boost, looking and feeling good about yourself is a great way to draw new people in and make new and lasting connections.
  • Pampering Yourself – The last and most important piece of advice we’ll share is to take care of you. Be sure to eat right, sleep enough, and squeeze in time for exercise.

Wipe the Slate Clean

At Colossus Painting, our professional painters are on a mission to not only transform homes, but also change lives.

If your interior design is a painful reminder of a bad time in your life, it’s time to start fresh – with a clean slate.

Don’t sit around moping about a failed relationship. Instead, pour your heart and soul into changing your life for the better.

If you’re not up to the task of repainting, our professional painters in San Diego are here to help.

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