Back-to-school season happens in just a few weeks, and Colossus Painting is in the business of helping parents set up their children’s bedroom for year-round academic success. Many of the families we work with solicit our crew for not only painting, but small repairs, too.

Our San Diego house painters believe that with a proper setup from the get-go, this serves as a framework for comfort and inspiration throughout the entire school year.

Design a Comfortable Bedroom for Your Child

So, you’ve decided to repaint your son’s or daughter’s bedroom before the school year commences. Colossus Painting agrees that now is a good time to get this project out of the way. Based on our experience, some of the benefits of setting up a well-painted bedroom, include:

  • Better Sleep – Studies suggest that a clean and cozy bedroom is one of the keys to better sleep. Reduce anxiety by fixing stained walls that are covered with crayon marks, food fights, and other child’s play with the help of Colossus Painting. If your child has a type A personality and imperfections cause persistent stress, it’s even more important to get the paint job done before school begins.
  • Better Learning – Just as how office ergonomics are directly related to worker productivity, a clean and healthy home life nurtures a curious and clear mind. Help your child feel relaxed at home with freshly painted walls and personalized designs. Don’t forget to ask your child for their input on color preferences. Our San Diego painting company is happy to tailor services according to your needs.

Don’t Forget a Homework Station

If your child’s bedroom has enough space to fit a homework station, this is an ideal setup to promote academic success.

For one, the station provides a quiet space to work and focus on the task at hand each evening and away from the chaos of family life. This is especially true if there are younger siblings living at home.

To optimize the zone and separate the “sleeping space” from “working space” consider shading this area with a color that complements the rest of the room well. Our San Diego house painters specialize in adding patterns and textures to interior spaces.

Start Off the School Year Right 

When you need a last-minute paint job during the back-to-school mayhem, contact San Diego painting company, Colossus Painting for help. To get a quick estimate, call (858) 688-2248.