At Colossus Painting, we help you make a good first impression from the moment customers arrive at your building.

Studies show that a well-designed store motivates customers to stay and shop a little longer if you’re a B2C company. For B2B businesses, a proper layout lifts employees’ morale and subsequently their productivity rates.

Additional Benefits of a Well-Painted Commercial Building

Some of the other top advantages of repainting your commercial building complete with a professional logo include:

  • Strengthen the Brand – Depict a clear and uniform message to potential and current customers.
  • Maintain the Value of the Building – Keep the building in good shape to secure the preliminary real estate value.
  • Add Aesthetic Appeal – Ask yourself? Would you be more inclined to shop at a building that looks rundown? If the answer is no, then commercial painting is a must-do.

Colossus Painting handles one small but major piece of the puzzle to maintain a presentable commercial property. This is commercial painting services. We can also do small repairs on drywalls and ceilings.

Whether you’re a new startup in San Diego that wants to complete an exterior painting project with a stunning logo overlay, or an established business that is long overdue for a makeover, we can help.

Tips to Keep Your Commercial Building in Tip-Top Shape

  • Do Painting Right the First Time Around – Even if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, a commercial painting job is an economical way to redesign your building and make it look presentable in the eyes of your customers and employees. To get started, simply request a commercial painting San Diego quote.
  • Complete Touchups Every So Often – Even with painting done idyllically the first time around, it’s common to have blemishes and wear and tear after some time. To keep your building looking new, we suggest employing our commercial painters to do touchups once per year. Many of the business owners we initially work with continue to use our commercial painting company year after year, because they trust us to do a job well done.
  • Pressure Wash the Building – Another economical alternative to repainting is pressure washing depending on the quality and condition of the current paint. Our commercial painters will be happy to complete an evaluation and even recommend partnering pressure washers in the area when it’s in your best interest. Colossus Painting prides itself in being honest and transparent with our clients at all times.

Get a Commercial Painter You Can Trust

From picking out the right colors to ensuring a seamless finish, Colossus Painting offers impeccable results when business owners hire us for paint jobs in the area.

To get a fast and free quote, call (858) 688-2248.