Most of us already know what a fresh new coat of paint can do for any space. Still, when it comes to painting older homes, should you also cover the exterior, too?

Colossus’ house painting contractors in San Diego say it all depends.

Consider the following variables before following through with painting the exteriors of a historical brick home, for example:

  • Retain a High Property Value – Older properties that are built with solid brick hold more monetary weight. Most homeowners are tempted to paint over these beautiful red bricks, but Colossus Painting may warn against doing so in some cases. Leaving brick walls as-is ultimately helps homeowners to preserve the value and historical appeal of the property.
  • It Ages Like Fine Wine – If you’ve ever gotten close to a brick wall, you’d notice that these age really well, like fine wine, if you will. Weathered brick walls moreover demonstrate the building’s ability to withstand the test of time.
  • Brick Walls Are Low Maintenance – Unpainted brick walls that are the real deal do not bubble or peel, as is the case with paint. Homeowners often benefit from lower maintenance costs, since there’s no real need to book an exterior painting contractor in San Diego every few years.

The Take-Home Message

Based on these lines of reasoning, we may recommend leaving your brick walls untouched.

If you’ve hit a brick wall because you want to get an updated feel, Colossus Painting suggests addressing the building’s interior walls.

For a more polished look on the outside, consider touching up trims and doorways, for example.

Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Want to breathe some life into an older home that was just purchased?

Our house painting company will gladly visit your property, complete a thorough walk through, and provide a reasonable quote – free of charge. To schedule an appointment with us, call Colossus Painting at (858) 688-2248.