There are many ways to transform the look of a building. One of the easiest and most affordable methods is painting.

Don’t Make Rookie Painting Mistakes

Many homeowners in San Diego often make the mistake of tackling house painting projects alone.

While painting may appear to be a simple task, there’s a lot that goes into achieving beautiful finishes.

House painting company in San Diego, Colossus Painting, knows all too well what it takes to pull off a meticulous paint job. When surfaces are adequately prepared, for example, the end result could possibly include bubbles, cracks, or peeling.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top reasons that your paint may end up bubbling, cracking, or peeling within months of a touch-up.

Why is Your Paint Cracking, Bubbling, or Peeling?

Bubbles, cracks, and/or peels may appear on interior or exterior wall surfaces after a paint job for a number of reasons. Some include:

  • Painting in Extreme Temperatures
  • Painting Over Unclean Surfaces
  • Painting with Specific Paints, Including Oil and Latex Paints
  • Painting in Rooms With Excessive Moisture or Humidity
  • Painting Certain Materials with Incompatible Paints
  • Painting with a Low Quality Paint
  • Painting Too Fast or Too Slow

Other Factors to Consider

House painting in San Diego also presents some unique challenges depending on the location of the property.

Consider painting in extremely high temperatures, for example, or in coastal areas where the salt air can affect how long the paint lasts.

Colossus Painting understands these challenges and also provides practical solutions for preventing cracks, peels, and bubbles from the get-go.

If your home or business needs to be repainted, don’t make the costly mistake of going it alone. Consult with Colossus Painting for a complimentary quote and a professional finish.

How We Can Help

Some of our go-to methods for safeguarding satisfactory results include:

  • Compatibility: Using the right products based on the surface material
  • Sanding and Cleaning: Prepping the surface before rolling on the paint
  • Quality Brands: Working with trusted paint brands exclusively
  • Right Temps: Painting at the right time of day
  • Fresh Paint: Applying freshly opened cans of paint

Colossus Painting goes above and beyond to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our services.

To request a quote for high-quality house painting services in San Diego, call Colossus Painting at (858) 688-2248.