It’s the day before an interior painting company is set to come to your San Diego home.  Is there anything you should be doing to make the day go smoothly? In this post, we’ll share some simple tips for preparing for the arrival of a home painting contractor:

  • Remove Wall Hangings – If you have framed pictures, mirrors, or wall décor hanging on the walls, taking these down prior to the painting company’s arrival is advised. Not only does this help to expedite the process, moving these valuables out of the way helps them to stay intact.
  • Clear the Room if Possible – Furniture are usually larger investment pieces. As such, these should be kept away from interior painting sites, whenever possible. Larger and heavier pieces can be shifted to the middle of the room and protective sheets placed on top of them.
  • Put Away Window Treatments – Drapes, curtains, or blinds should be removed if you don’t want these ruined by accidental paint splatters. This chore gives you a window of opportunity to wash or steam dry them for an ultra clean home.
  • Vacuum Carpets and Flooring – To prevent dust buildup on walls following a paint job, run a vacuum cleaner over flooring surfaces before your painter arrives. And for best results, we recommend waiting until the paint is completely dry before cleaning up the painted room.

What Colossus Painting Does

One of the benefits of hiring a professional interior painting company is getting to sit back and relax while professional contractors do the hard work for you. To save you time and hassles, Colossus Painting simplifies our services and processes to make our clients have a stress-free experience.

Whether you need help with moving furniture or removing decorations, we can help. Our interior painting contractors can also help you with:

  • Simple Repairs – Holes in drywalls and ceilings are extremely common for homeowners, especially if you have a full house. If you have minor wall damages as a result of children and pets, we can help to restore smooth wall surfaces. Just ask and we’ll deliver.
  • Taping and Trimming – To promote meticulous results, Colossus Painting uses industry-leading supplies when completing projects. You don’t need to spend the night before taping or even removing outlet covers and switch plates. We save you time and energy by covering these grounds, so you don’t have to.

There’s No Place Like a Repainted Home 

Colossus Painting provides neat solutions when you need to repaint the interior and exterior surfaces of your home. For a fast quote, fill out our contact form or call (858) 688-2248.