If you’re a recent transplant to San Diego due to a PCS order, Colossus Painting is proud to welcome you to the neighborhood. Many of the military families we service settle in faster with an interior paint job that is personalized to the family’s unique style and needs.

Quick Q & A

Can you paint military housing in San Diego?

It depends.

Are you leasing independently or through popular property management firms like Lincoln Military Housing?

Each property manager has a different set of guidelines. However, the rule of thumb is that you can paint inside so long as the original color is repainted upon move-out. We encourage you to double-check with management before scheduling an appointment with us.

Tips to Make Military Housing Feel More Personal

While you’re here in the beautiful city of San Diego, why not create the most memorable moments where your family is stationed?

Colossus Painting has worked with a number of military families in need of a helping hand with painting. One of the top questions we get asked all the time is “what advice do you have for making temporary housing feel more like home?”

In response, our crewmen usually recommend that in addition to customizing the paint colors in each room, the following should be considered:

  • Switch the Lighting – Browse online or at a local home improvement store for decorative lighting that enhances the interior design. When you move out, this investment piece can be taken with you.
  • Line the Walls With Photos – Share your memories of the family’s adventures throughout the years.
  • Find Personalized Décor Pieces – This will be a fun project that all members of the family can partake in. Hunt down vintage treasures at local antique shops or Indie boutiques or tie in your personalized family favorites in the overall décor.

Whether you need help with painting upon arrival or repatriation to another duty, interior painting company, Colossus Painting, enjoys helping families set up a home like feeling – even if the assignment is temporary.

Tell us the colors you want each room to be, and we’ll make it happen. Our residential painters deliver high-quality finishes for making home life sweeter.

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