Most of us already know that one of the easiest ways to update a home is to add a fresh new coating of paint.

In this article, Colossus Painting provides fresh new tips to get an instant facelift throughout the home – not just on the walls.

Off the Wall – Painting

Did you know that our house painters in San Diego double as handymen too? We complete small repairs throughout the home, including mending and repainting different surfaces besides walls, doors, and trims.

Consolidate all your home repair needs under one roof and ask us to:

  • Paint Appliances – If you own appliances that look outdated but still get the job done, a quick and practical way to get a high-end look is to paint with liquid stainless-steel finishes.

To get a professional look, request our house painters in San Diego.

  • Brush Up the Cabinets – Don’t spend thousands replacing kitchen cabinets with solid frames. Instead, you can match this corner of the home with your current home décor by adding new paint colors.

Our house painters in San Diego have many years of experience painting wood furniture and fixed-in-place kitchen cabinets.

  • Customize the Living Areas – To add character and charm to your home, add textures and patterns to various living spaces. Start off by consulting our painting contractors for design ideas and then schedule a time and day to get the job done.
  • Add Epoxy to the Garage – Turn this unused space into a practical home gym, office, workshop, or playroom by painting with epoxy – a hardwearing paint option built for high traffic and everyday life.

Save vs. Replace – With Paint

From fireplaces to tiles, floors to roofs, and more, Colossus Painting has extensive experience painting different surfaces throughout the home. For a custom quote, call (858) 688-2248.