Moving out of a rental property is hard work.

However, there’s something to look forward to in most cases. When moving out, it’s time to receive the deposit that was handed over to the landlord or property management company at the start of a lease.

Generally speaking, this deposit is refundable, but only when the contingencies of the lease are met.

For one, the managing party usually completes a thorough inspection to ensure that no damages were made. Tenants are therefore obligated to leave the property in decent shape or otherwise risk losing this deposit. In addition, if the damages to the property exceed this deposit amount, a small claim can be made.

Our San Diego painting company, Colossus Painting, understands all too well the hassle of moving out. We’re in the business of making new transitions go smoother by getting your home in a move-in ready condition – with paint.

Repairs After Moving Out

A lot of times, renters worry about leftover dents, holes, or nails hammered in the walls. Our San Diego painting company, Colossus Painting, additionally specializes in minor home repairs.

Let us help you fix:

  • Holes in the Wall – Life happens, right? The door gets banged on the wall, leaving a gaping hole. That brand-new TV you bought was mounted on the wall vs. on a table. Or, children and pets roughhoused around, leaving dents, scratches, and more on the surface. If you’re worried about leaving the walls in this state, call our San Diego painting company to quickly fix these blemishes.
  • Damaged Paint – Did you paint your home in a different color? Repaint with the original hue – and without lifting a finger by consulting our interior painting company.

Get Your Rental Ready for an Inspection

Complete the final walkthrough with confidence with the help of Colossus Painting.

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