Keeping up with home maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Home repair specialist and exterior painting company in San Diego, Colossus Painting, says the key is creating a well-timed plan of action for all of your home maintenance and management tasks.

Real estate agencies also swear by this formula to prevent burnouts:

It’s spacing out the to-dos on the checklist into four seasons.

In the Spring

The springtime, for example, is a great time to bask in the cooler temperatures and complete chores that improve curb appeal. For example:

  • Gutter Cleaning – To promote a better gutter system, clean out excess debris and leaves that may potentially harbor pests. A gutter or roofing expert can also be outsourced to save you time and energy.
  • Painting – The exterior of the home should be periodically painted to look good as new year-round. Paint, also serves as added protection against peeling and chips.

In the Summer

During the summertime:

  • Pressure Wash – If you skipped the painting this time around, another option is to pressure wash the exterior to get rid of buildups.
  • Paint the Deck – Enjoy stylish cookouts all summer long by repainting the deck or patio, if you have one. Top it off with a sealant to promote longevity. An exterior painting company such as Colossus Painting can help with this.

In the Fall

As the year ends, be sure to complete a:

  • System Check – Complete a once-over of all systems or appliances and call in the experts to make speedy repairs. For instance, inspect the HVAC, plumbing, and smoke detector systems.

In the Winter

Since we get almost-perfect weather year-round in San Diego, winterizing is generally null and void. However, you can still use this time to catch up on any leftovers on the to-do list.

Cross Painting Off the Checklist

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