Homeowner Associations

The chief purpose of a homeowner association is to maintain and enhance property values for the community. You can find homeowner associations (HOAs) in detached home and condominium neighborhoods.

HOAs have their own covenants and bylaws to keep the property’s appearance uniform. These covenants can vary controlling everything from parking to fences, storage sheds, additions such as porches, decks and pools. Residents of these communities usually place value on the community’s appearance and they want their neighborhood to retain its property values, too.

Providing painting services for HOAs is important since the paint protects the buildings from the weather while providing aesthetic appeal. Homeowners have an enhanced living experience while the property values hold steady or increase.

Ideally, painting should be done before the buildings’ exterior surfaces show signs of weather and wear. An example of a regular painting schedule would be:
  • Metal – every 3 years
  • Wood – every 4-6 years
  • Stucco – every 7-10 years
  • Once the HOA has determined that they want to repaint, they contact Colossus Painting and we are off to discuss the project – colors and types of paint products as well as all specifications of the project.

    The first consideration is color. We can help with this if needed. The color should be pleasing to the eye and work well with landscaping, all buildings’ materials, and the environment around the buildings and property.

    If there is a plan to change the color palette, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time discussing this part of the process. You will find that homeowners have strong feelings towards the color choices of their HOA.

    There are some basic guidelines for choosing exterior paint colors. First and most importantly, the color you choose should be formulated with pigments suitable for exterior exposure. The paint need to protect the buildings from UV rays thereby helping preserve the HOA’s most valuable asset.

    Take into account the climate in your location because it can affect the performance of paint coatings. As the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold or cold to hot, the substrate has a tendency to expand or contract.

    Light colors on a building’s exterior can reduce inside temperatures and make that building stand out. On the other hand, dark colors absorb heat and can make a large building seem more proportioned on a smaller lot.

    Colossus Painting will create the paint specification, which is a legal document that provides all the details about the process from preparation for specific substrates, products, applications, color, all the way through clean up. Our goal is to always use the best, longest lasting products while providing an accurate quote, adequate timeline and staying on budget.

    We can schedule our services so they do not interfere with your building’s working hours. In addition, Colossus Painting will do everything we can to guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We give 110% effort on every job we do because we have a reputation of excellence to uphold.

    Find out how Colossus Painting can bring new life to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

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