New Construction Painting

On a new construction site there are so many tradespeople milling around that sometimes it’s difficult to be efficient. At Colossus Painting, San Diego, we always work toward being as efficient as possible and that helps save our customers’ time and money.

Following is an abbreviated synopsis of our process:

Our services include:

  • Colossus goes in to each home to spray primer on walls and ceilings. At this point no other installations have taken place including flooring, trim work, cabinets, closets, toilets, light switches, and more. The great part of this step is that we can spray paint and not have to worry about getting the paint on anything.
  • Then we back roll it in.
  • Sand all walls and ceilings to eliminate rough spots.
  • Spray all ceilings as long as there’s no crown molding.
  • A carpenter installs the doors and casings.
  • Colossus preps and paints these items.
  • If baseboards are installed at this point, we spray all of those.
  • Next, we wait until every team has completed its work and the site has been cleaned again.
  • We complete our job by putting two coats of paint on all the walls. This way we can check our work and fix dings, nail pops, and anything else that may have happened during the job. However, if there are major flaws the drywallers has to return to repair those.
Having painters come in at the end of the project is ideal, but during rush jobs schedules may not always allow for this. Once our painting is complete and has dried, the doors can be installed and switch plate and outlet covers can be added.

Before leaving any jobsite, we do a final inspection to make sure everything is complete and our job is done to perfection. At Colossus Painting, San Diego, we never do less than our best.

Find out how Colossus Painting can bring new life to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

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